Thailand 2015: Bangkok

by - January 15, 2016

Finally!! I can now tick off Thailand from my bucket list. But I am looking forward to go back whenever I can as I believe there's still so much to see. I am also very proud to say that this is my first backpacking experience. Uhuh! It was awesome but kinda hard. I was travelling with my father and I am lucky enough because he's quite familiar with the places in Thailand as he used to be a volunteer in Mae Sot. That's the time I was living alone for almost a year. And I'm happy I get to see the place where lived and volunteered. But that's for another post. We're able to go to 4 different places in Thailand: Bangkok, Mae Sot, Chiang Mai, and Ayutthaya. For this blog post, I'll be focusing on Bangkok first. 

We're staying for almost a week in Thailand and we're staying in Bangkok for a day. As usual, we departed Manila the night of Nov. 10 and arrived in Bangkok at 12 MN. Being the backpacker that we are during that time, we didn't booked any accommodation since we'll only be staying in Bangkok for a day. We stayed at the airport until morning and went to The Grand Palace. 

They say your stay or tour in Bangkok wouldn't be complete if you don't see the The Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. And I must agree! This site is a must! No words can explain how beautiful the place is. I haven't seen such beautiful architecture before. The intricate details of the temples are unbelievable. Every corner is carved and thought of perfectly. 

What a sight!

The place used to be the home of the Kings of Thailand and the layout was similar to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. The place is crowded when we got there. I just don't know if this is the daily situation around the castle but it's advisable though to come early. The castle/temple was also included in CNN's Top 10 most visited palaces and temples and around the world having 8 million visitors annually. How amazing is that, right? Definitely a must visit whenever you're in Thailand.

The temple of the Emerald Buddha is considered to be one of the most sacred places in Thailand. That's why when you go there, you should follow the dress code as these are strictly implemented. The pictures just cannot give justice to the real thing. I swear, you must include this in your bucket list. There are a lot of temples around Thailand but I guess this one should be your priority if you have limited time touring Bangkok.

After touring the The Grand Palace, we roam around the vicinity and found Bangkok National Museum. So we did what every tourist would do. Go and look inside. That's where I found different old buddhas. Some are dated 700 to 900 years ago. Truly a rich history!

Before we went to The Grand Palace in the morning, we first secure a bus ticket to Mae Sot from Mo Chit Bus Station. There's a baggage repository at the bus station so it was easy for us to roam around Bangkok. The bus station also has a shower area and food stalls.

Authentic Thai Food. Yummers!

After some walking, we went to back to the bus station and departed to Mae Sot.

BTW, can I just say how impressed I am with Thailand's mobile data and wifi? I never had any problems with their mobile data it was oh so fast! I was just writing this because I cannot stress how our mobile data here in the Philippines sucks! 

It was just a day but I felt like I roamed the whole Bangkok! Not mentioning I still have a week to see the beautiful land of Thailand.

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