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Maaya is a millenial who tries to document her life journey. She's on her early 20s and is trying to figure out the world. Being an Information Systems graduate, she is a Test Analyst by profession and a blogger/photographer by passion. 

Aside from being a full time employee at the moment, she tries to blog all the new experiences she had in hopes to find it helpful for others and nostalgic for her when she looks back to the things she had experienced. While it may seem hard for her because of her busy schedule, she hopes to learn new stuff from time to time. She would love to learn how to speak and write Japanese as well as brush painting and calligraphy.

If time permits, she loves travelling locally and internationally. Her dream is to always be a full time traveler and a blogger. Crafting this blog, she also found out her passion for photography. During weekends, if not in the coffee shops drafting her blog posts,  you will most likely to see her trying out new hang out spots A.K.A trying out new restaurants. Food has always been her nemesis. She's in a constant battle with carbs and sweet foods.

And while she is a full time introvert, she looks forward to travelling the whole world, or parts of it at least, to meet new people from the other end and to taste beautiful and glorious food. She's a sucker for new adventure and most of the time, she's very spontaneous.

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