Looking Back: The Highlights of my 2015

by - January 06, 2016

2015 has been one of my best years yet. Every year is a roller coaster ride of emotions but 2015 was different. Although it wasn't perfect (because there's no such thing as perfect year), it has given so much blessings that even myself doesn't know what did I do to deserve all those blessings. It was a hell of a year for me. From travelling, to meeting new people, to eating.. a lot! I was also able to finally abide by my new year's resolution to lose weight and eat healthy.

A lot has happened but these are the memories that's a little bit you know, a notch higher from my other 2015 memories. I can't say these are the only ones worth remembering because all of it are but I can describe it as something more remarkable than the others.

1. Finally leaving the job I don't like. Not really the company but my certain role for this previous work. One thing I can't stand is doing something you don't like to do. I mean, this is my life. There's no room in doing the things that doesn't make me happy. We should all take charge of our careers.

2. Meeting a lot of people. Either for work or outside work. It's good to know that despite all the stress related work, you have colleagues that make your life easier inside the office. They are blessings in the work place for me.

3. Boracay 2015. Summer's not complete without getting your skin tanned you know. Beach is life. Lol.

4. Ho Chi Minh City. Of course I wouldn't forget to list this down. This is my 2nd out of the country travel and it's really a fun experience. Aside from learning the beautiful history of Vietnam, we also got to taste the and emerge ourselves in Vietnamese cuisine which for me is one of the most healthy and delish cuisines out there. Not that I've tasted every food in the world but well.. you get the idea.

5. Discovery Country Suites staycation. Bonding over cheese and wine pairing with my college bessy. Not mentioning the cozy room and perfect-for-bonding jacuzzi. This place has got us covered.

6. 3 days Baguio Holy week trip. This is very memorable to me since this is the first vacation/travel me and the boyfie had. And I know it will take a lot of time before our 2nd travel take place.

7. Foodtrips. No questions asked. No explanations needed.

8. Thailand. My first "backpacking" experience. It's quite hard because you really have to travel light. It's definitely an amazing experience because I wasn't only able to experience one city but we hop into 4 different places. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mae Sot, and Ayutthaya. I haven't blogged about this yet so I'll blog about this as soon as I can.

9. Gym time. Of course! I am now more confident and a little bit of fit. It's not a "for now" thing but definitely a lifestyle change. I also believe now that dedication and hard work really pays off as I experienced it first hand. Gotta continue the healthy lifestyle not just this year but forever. Lol #mayforever. 

10. December Baguio Trip. Yes it is possible! We're lucky enough to celebrate Rizal Day in the city of pines.

11. Quality time with friends, family, and ze boyfie. Nothing beats surrounding yourself with people you love. This year is nothing without them. <3

2015 has given me so much. I am hoping that 2016 will be an amazing one too. It won't definitely be easy but I hope I can survive it as well. :)

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