The Blog

First and foremost, this isn't travel blog. This is a personal blog crafted by the author herself. It might confuse you but the blogger loves to travel so most of the posts are travel related. This blog also shares the author's personal thoughts on different topics and shares different day to day life events.

This blog is a personal project of the blogger.  While it may seem random and unorganized as of the moment, this blog serves as the blogger's platform in writing her thoughts, sharing valuable information, as well as documenting her travels, and her life journey. This blog has become the blogger's outlet for anything she wants to writes and document. 

Topics covered in this blog is uncertain but the writer mostly writes about her travels, food and restaurant reviews, everything that covers Philippines, and most importantly, though she seldom writes personal stuff, personal topics that's written in this blog is the most important to her.

This blog came to the world wide web January 2016. Although it is relatively new, the blogger hopes to if not inspire, at least give you valuable information through the articles written in the blog. 

For any partnership or sponsorship, feel free to contact the blogger on her personal email: