Mt. Binicayan & Wawa Dam

by - January 11, 2016

It was just the start of the year but I already have one new adventure. How amazing is that? Yes, I like to go on different travels and adventures but didn't expect it to be this early. Again, thanks to my officemates for always bringing something to look forward to. This is actually my first hike (not counting the tree planting we had during my NSTP days) and I didn't expected this to be this fun! And it was a little bit hard for first timers like me. Maybe if I wasn't going to the gym regularly, I wouldn't survived this. Or maybe I'll survive but with injuries. Lol hashtag buwis buhay!

It was supposed to be a twin day hike but unfortunately, us the newbies couldn't make it to the 2nd mountain. We're really exhausted by the time we went down from the first mountain. We're supposed to climb Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binicayan in Rodriguez Rizal and as I mentioned, we only traversed Mt. Binicayan. It was really worth the sweat! I don't want to sound "super happy or bragging" because this is my first hike and I know a lot of mountaineers always see this kind of view from the top but please allow me to sound "giddy giddy" as I write this down because it's an accomplishment for me! And it's really an amazing experience as a first timer.

This climb was already arranged for a few weeks before the actual date and to be honest, I'm still having second thoughts on coming because I don't climb mountains you know! Well I guess I am glad I come because it's a way to discover new and awesome places. I am always ecstatic about seeing new places for the first time. It's a feeling I won't get tired of feeling (whut?).

Call time is 4:30 am. As a night person, I have difficulties waking up early but I did just for this climb. HAHA one more reason to be proud. LOL. We rode a van to Rodriguez Rizal and a tricycle to Brgy. Wawa. Signed at their tourist office and started to hike. 

The terrain is very rocky so I suppose if you want to climb this mountain, you need to have a friendly gloves you can use. The tourist office are selling a pair for P50.

With this kind of view, tanggal talaga pagod mo!

Did you know that there's an urban legend regarding Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan? It is said that the mountains are separated by Bernardo Carpio using brute force. Another version said that the two mountains keep on colliding with each other that's why Bernardo Carpio separated it. Funny to know these folklore. Very Filipino -ish.

That is our guide kuya Irril. Thanks to him we have this amazing and instagram worthy photos. Feels like we're having a mountain photo shoot as he directs our pose, shows us where to sit and tells us where the nice spots for photos are. Seriously, he can be a great photographer! Just look at his buwis buhay pose just inches from the cliff. He also made sure we are okay and keep on helping us whenever we encounter big rocks or challenging trails.

Anddddd, that's us at the summit! Yayyy. My first summit evah! Ganda noh?! But seriously, thanks to my officemates for letting me experience this. More climbs maybe? Hihi. It was really fun. On a side note, I know the pictures are all nice, especially our solo pics. Did you know that in order to get that kind of photo, we need a hell lot of a courage because the cliffs are not a joke. If you have a phobia for heights then I doubt you can go near the cliffs. But just like what I always say, "nandito na eh, go na!" The outcome's worth it naman! Thanks to the natural light too. And of course kuya Irril. Haha.

After climbing Mt. Binicayan, we had our lunch and rest for awhile before we swim at the Wawa dam. It was free of charge but the cottages has a rent price of P10. It's suggested to bring packed lunch but there are karinderyas around the vicinity.

We left Brgy. Wawa at around 6 PM. What an experience. I think I should do this more often. Not only I can discover new places, it was also cheap! All in expense are under 500. How's that? 

So this is how we spent our January 9. More climbs, I hope. The downside is you'll have an aching body the next day but it's tolerable and with the view, I don't get to complain. Lol. 

Have an awesome week ahead! :D

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