My Thoughts on Mercato Centrale BGC

by - March 19, 2016

With the food industry getting bigger and bigger, there sure are many hungry stomachs waiting to discover new food choices. This type of food scene isn't new in the metro though. We've heard about Banchetto, BAGA Manila, and yes Mercato Centrale.

Being a mid shift employee, I decided to try and know what's the fuss about this Mercato Centrale in BGC. For food lovers in BGC, Mercato Centrale is in 25th street corner 7th avenue every Fridays and Saturdays, from 6PM to 3AM. So yes, we headed to this weekend food crawl to satisfy our hungry stomachs. Before you judge me, please be informed that these are all just my opinion and that food tasting is a subjective matter. All opinions here are from what I observed and tasted. 

At first glance, the place is okay. Just always pray for a good weather because I doubt you will be able to eat here comfortably when it's raining. We first roamed around the whole area and scanned on what we wanted to eat and try. I was really excited to go here because as a foodie, I know I will have a lot of food choices. And I wasn't wrong. There are really a wide range of food to choose from. But the thing is, does it live up to our expectation of delicious food? Sadly, I say no. I want to be clear that I wasn't able to try all of it even if I want to. Maybe the food that I just chose just didn't get the satisfaction I was looking for. Maybe there are other food choices that are actually delicious.

Let's break it down to this:

Location: It's okay. Not that hard to find and you can easily spot and know that what you're seeing is Mercato Centrale.

Food: (As per the food I bought and ate) 6/10. I'd rather buy elsewhere.

Price: Relatively high knowing that the food is not really yummy. 

Ambiance: Ambiance is okay. Good for barkada food trips. There are just some areas or tables that does not have enough lighting.

Food choices: A lot. Which is a good thing. 

Some of the food we tried are very oily, not fresh, and not cooked well. On the positive note, what I really liked was the sugarcane juice. First tried it in Vietnam and still liked it here in Manila. The place is usually crowded so it's safe to say that it has a lot of patronizers.

Maybe I just expected too much but well, it's still a nice experience though. It's good for mini catch up with friends and a weekend hang out spot but as for me? I think I won't be fan. I also saw how our discipline as Filipinos lack big time. Food trashes are everywhere! On the tables, floors, everywhere. I was trying to look for trash bins but unfortunately, I think it's too few to be noticed. So maybe that also explains why the trashes are just being left in the tables and floors. When can we change this? Just a simple trash that cannot be put in the right place. Discipline. 

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  1. Always been a foodie. Not sure about the taste, but the pictures in the article made me hungry lol Too good to digest :P


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