88 Hotspring Resort: Stress Free Weekend

by - March 06, 2016

This isn't actually my first time in this resort. We already went here sometime before. And what makes us come back? Or in this case my mother because she is always a fan of water spas and hot springs? I think it's the relaxing ambiance. 

If you're looking for something new in Laguna and is getting tired of the usual swimming pools or resort, then head on to this resort!

This place was built and designed by a Korean, which explains why there are more Koreans patronizing this place than Filipinos, at least this is what I observed.

Starndard rooms

Upon checking in, we are then escorted to our room to rest for awhile before indulging ourselves with their pools. The place is so relaxing that upon entering, you'll feel you're closer to nature. The resort is designed as if to let people want to extend one more day of pure relaxation. 

Mandatory photo ops with sister. =))

The place is very clean and serene. 

The resort has a jacuzzi, swimming pools, and octagon dip pools. All of which are accessible when you enter the resort. Just a precaution though, some pools are not suitable for kids because of its temperature. This is mostly true for the octagon dip pools. Better test the water first using your hand before actually dipping yourself into the water.

The resort also has a restaurant which serves Korean and Filipino cuisine. Please be informed that outside food is not allowed so if you want to eat, you can eat at their restaurant or find another restaurant outside the resort. But I suggest, if you'll be staying here overnight, better eat at their restaurant. I haven't tried their Filipino dishes here yet because on our 2 visits, we always order Korean food. And their Korean food is definitely yummy! They have set meals already that's good for different number of people and I think the price is reasonable and sulit! Plus, Korean restos often serves unlimited side dishes. Fan of kimchi? Not a problem!

Korean chips on display.

Mother and daughter bonding :)

They have day passes and overnight stays. I must admit, the rooms are quite expensive but I guess it comes with the good customer service. Also, did I mention that they have a live band performing? Not just one but two bands on different resort venues. You will be serenaded by Korean songs as well as English songs. So if you're into KPOP, maybe it's time to pay a visit to this resort.

Clubhouse sandwich.

It was indeed a stress buster overnight at this resort. Definitely worth a visit if you're stressed out and just want to relax and be away from the busy city, then you must consider this place. It isn't far from the metro which makes it accessible to customers. Would definitely recommend this resort!

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