Mt. Pamitinan Climb

by - February 09, 2016

This was another fun yet challenging hike my workmates planned. If you read my blog post about Mt. Binicayan, that climb is supposed to be a twin day hike but unfortunately, due to exhaustion after the first mountain, we weren't able to climb the second one. And that second mountain we weren't able to climb was Mt. Pamitinan. And that's why we decided to go back and finish what we weren't able to finish the last time.


Mt. Pamitinan's altitude was higher by 2 meters compared to Mt. Binicayan. So technically, it was a little bit higher.

Just like our climb at Mt. Binicayan, our meet up time was 4:00 am but this time, I was a little a bit late. Haha! Good thing my friends are that considerate. Lol. We rode a van going to Brgy. Wawa at Rodriguez/Montalban Rizal. And after registration we started to hike immediately.


Another buwis buhay shot. Lol

Since I am still a beginner, I find the trail harder than Mt. Binicayan. The rocks are sharper and it was a lot of "literally climbing" the rocks. It was challenging but even though I complain a lot with my friends, I actually had fun. Haha! Climbing is a lot more fun when you're with them because you all simultaneously complain, not just me. Haha! There are times I wanted to get some rest but never did I think of giving up. It's a great adventure so why stop when you're already halfway there? Right?

Summit. :D

I also got a lot of bruises but it's fine with me. I also noticed that I'm not afraid of the heights anymore as I have this "nandito na eh, go na" thinking with me already. Which is kind of a good thing anyway. 

Mt. Binicayan. The first mountain we climbed.

And of course, this wouldn't be possible without them. So thanks guys! :D

The view from the top was also amazing but since it was just beside Mt. Binicayan, the views are quite the same. Also, our guide was not Kuya Irril anymore so no more photoshoots with him. Sad. But nonetheless, the pictures can attest on how beautiful it is on the top/summit.

The weather's a little bit bipolar too. It was not that hot because it wasn't sunny but there was a light rain causing the rocks to get slippery. 

After we took photos at the summit, which by the way took a lot of time since we waited for other groups to finish first, we immediately descend. The rocks are already slippery but we managed to hike down faster.

It was a fun experience. Believe it or not, we're already planning our next climb! Hahaha. Good thing I met these people before I left my job. It was nice meeting them. I get to experience new things. :)

After the climb, we had lunch and I left earlier as I have other errands to do during the day. But nonetheless, it was an awesome climb. :)

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