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by - June 06, 2020

On my 6th day in Japan, I really don’t have anything planned because I do have work. But what’s a good day to waste? I haven’t really explored Osaka that much during my first visit and as you know I am always pressed for time. So to me, this seems like a good day to see the tourist-famous Glico man which until now is not clear to me why the said spot is so famous. It’s also Christmas season so I can use the day to buy Christmas gifts for my loved ones. hehe.

So when I was done working for the day, I did go back to Osaka and did some shopping. This is the day I truly experienced Osaka especially the bustling streets of Dohtonbori. My first stop was to see the Glico man because although I don’t know what’s special in it, I guess a trip to Osaka is not complete without it. Of course, lots of tourists taking photos. I’m alone so there’s no one to take my photos haha. I decided that I’ll just come back and do some pasalubong shopping first. LOL. So next stop, Don Quijote, or as my tita calls it as "DonKi".

Yey for tax-free goods and one-stop-shop for everything you want to bring home, be it chocolates, green tea, skincare, almost everything you look for in Japan is inside DonKi. I am overwhelmed when I enter and saw what’s inside. Everyone is hoarding something as if stocks are gonna run out. So yep, this girl gotta shop. There are dedicated floors for items you want to buy. The one I enjoyed the most? The makeup and skincare floor! haha! You could just leave me there and when you get back, I’d still be there. I won’t bore this post about the stuff I bought but tax-free stores in Japan are insane! 

After DonKi, I went to Onitsuka Tiger, which btw has 2 stores in the Namba area. I also went inside GU and I could just get lost at the moment. If I am not just pressed for time and did not have to take the train all the way to my tita's house, I will really take my time and go inside each store. Also, it was winter season so the clothes are mostly made for this season but girllll, if the clothes are for the summer season? I don't even know anymore. haha. I'd probably lose my mind.  Did loads of window shopping in some other stores and after some shopping, I went back to Glico man and waited for a Filipino to take my photo. Haha. Yep, I really waited for a kababayan. And yep, I only have 1 photo with the famous Glico man. 

Actually, the weather is not so good as it is raining. I am carrying a lot of stuff and I didn’t bring my umbrella with me. As for dinner, as they say, Osaka is the culinary mecca of Japan. Street food is uh-may-zing! I tried some legit takoyaki, took photos on the colorful street light, observed people, and just loving everything and thinking how I love Japan even more now. Even the cold weather felt so good at that time. So yep... that’s what I mostly did on Osaka. Here are some of the photos I took while walking around the Namba area. 

And that's it!

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