Chilling Around Seminyak Bali

by - April 09, 2020

We don't have any tiring activities lined up for this day. Just pure relaxation and chilling all day long. We started the day with Cara Cara Inn's amazing breakfast. If you're a heavy breakfast eater then the serving might not be enough for you but for me who's not really used to eating breakfast, the serving is just okay. Enough to give me energy. Each day has a different breakfast menu and breakfast is not buffet type. You'll have to give your stub for breakfast then you can choose which one you want for breakfast from the menu of the day. Guess who chose rice for breakfast? Yep, not me. Haha!

After breakfast, we decided to stay in and play some life-size Jenga and tried cara cara inn's pool. Today was scheduled for pure relaxation so we really don't have anything planned except to chill around. For lunch, we tried the suckling pig that's going the rounds on google when you search for must-try food in Bali. The name of the restaurant is Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen. Since we're headed to Seminyak for the other half of the day, we decided to try this one out as it is also in Seminyak. Boy, it was soooo good!!! They will let you choose if you want it to be spicy or not. As a fan of spicy food, I chose the spicy one and Peter chose the normal one. Turns out, both is spicy, mine is just spicier. The price is cheaper too compared to the other restaurant we tried.

This is the only photo I have because we are both starving haha!

Seminyak is your chill neighborhood. It seems like every store is instagrammable. The vibes of the shop are like those cute shops in Japan with surfing vibes. LOL. We just walked around, window shopped, ate some gelato and had a well-deserved massage. We stumble across a big mall then walked to Motel Mexicola then come afternoon, we just chill around La Plancha while drinking beers. This is what I miss the most, the beach and beer. I would definitely go to the beach once this quarantine and COVD-19 situation are over. 

And yep, we didn't really do any sightseeing today but it's really fun just sitting around the beach and watch the sunset. For dinner, we decided to eat at Cara Cara Inn and took advantage of the happy hour. Hehe. I tried convincing Peter to go to La Favela that night but couldn't. LOL. He isn't into parties that much. And yep... That's day 2. On our next day, we are headed to Ubud to experience the more nature-ish side of Bali. 

Our breakfast in Cara Cara inn

Gelato somewhere in Seminyak 

 Colorful La Plancha


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