Singapore: Punggol Waterway Park and Kampong Glam

by - February 16, 2018

Punggol Waterway

Trying to finish all of my Singapore blog post to avoid backlogs for this year! haha. I still have my Malaysia backlogs so bear with me. Anyway, let me just say that our second day is the mosttttttt tiring day. At least during the morning. 

We didn't expect to walk a lot and under hot weather condition. Well, we do know that we will walk but we just didn't expect to double the walking on our first day. And that's just the first half of the day!

Punggol Waterway

So what happened? Punggol happened! haha. Actually, our plan for the day was to go to Legoland in Johor Bahru Malaysia. We're having second thoughts because we don't know if it's worth it or what because you know.. we will spend money on the transpo and the ticket not knowing if it is worth it. We did some research and decided to just not go. Well, there are many opportunities to visit that but our Singapore getaway is not one of them.

The night before, we thought of other places we can visit around Singapore to replace the supposed to be whole day in Legoland. And upon deliberation (yes, there's kind of small deliberation on our itineraries, haha!), we decided to see Punggol. We also planned to try to the food trail in Marina Square that are being offered for free to tourists.

Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway
Very clean Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway

I know Punggol isn't one of the places people visits when they're in Singapore. Actually, I think we are the first tourist/travelers who went there! LOL. It's just that when you search for stuff to do and places to visit in Singapore, Punggol isn't something you see in the list. In fact, you will never see it in any list. Most of the people you see there are locals.

So yup, we ate our breakfast then went to the MRT station to go to Punggol. We researched on how to go to the waterpark the night before. It didn't took much effort to go there as we didn't have to change MRT lanes. Upon alighting at Punggol, we rode the LRT and alight at Damai. 

You see, it wasn't really hard to reach the waterway. We actually got there on time. We were excited and everything because the only purpose we had was to take good photos and probably observe people. What we didn't expect that will take much effort is looking for this certain  (instagrammable) bridge. (the bridge on the topmost photo)

Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway Singapore
This bike isn't ours, we just saw it along the way and thought it's a good props =))))

At first, we were cool. We took too many photos. Walked, and walked till we can already feel the fatigue kicking in. We already reached the end of the waterway and the bridge was still not yet there! Unfortunately, we were on the other side of the waterway! 

Going to Punggol costs around S$2.60. It is more expensive compared to the other places we went to so far so we are not giving up because we are already there and we already paid that much for an MRT ride! 

So we walked and walked and walked. Asked directions from the locals. I can't explain how we finally reached the bridge but I can tell we already walked at least 7km just to reach that bridge. The time we spent looking for the bridge was longer compared to the time it took to take photos. hahahuhu. Oh the things we do for the gram. =))

Punggol Waterway

After taking photos, we walked again towards the LRT. And guess what? We walked 2 stations from our starting point. How's that? It was already around 12 that we got back in MRT. Our mistake probably was we didn't rent a bike. 

Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway
Caption thizzz :)

Punggol Waterway

Soo.. next agenda.. we went to Marina Square and had lunch at Mcdonald's. Mcdonald's in SG is like splurging on food! It is priced the same as some restaurants already! But to be fair, their menu there is yummier and food in real life looks also good. The one you see in the poster looks almost the same to the real one. :)

We rest for awhile since we're really tired from all the walking. The food trail starts at around 3PM. Well, I was expecting a fun food trail but boy I was expecting too much. You see, the objective of this food trail was to let tourists experience the food like a local.. We were given small food plates where stores will put in the sample food. 

There are 3 types of food trail but the one we want needs a reservation 3 days before. We opt for the Sheok trail where they serve us this coffee, curry, and ice kacang. 

Mcdonald's Marina Square
Mcdo never looked this good <3

Ice Kacang Marina Food Trail
Ice Kacang from the Food trail

There should be one more food sample but upon going to the store, they told us they didn't participate. Lol whut? Well, we can't really do anything so we just went on. Upon completing the trail, they gave us this cute ref magnet souvenir. 

I liked the curry. The ice kacang served to us seem to taste bland. I liked the ice kacang we had in Melacca better, that one seems to be more authentic. Lol. The food trail disappoints me because I thought it's like by group or something.. but well.. free food. hehe

After the trail, we roam around Marina Square and did some window shopping. There's also this value dollar shop where they sell stuff as low as S$1! Yup. I bought 2 packs of Salonpas priced at S$1 each! So it's like 40 pesos each pack and hello? How much that costs here, right?
Bali Lane Singapore
Somewhere around Bali Lane

Masjid Sultan Mosque Kampong Glam Singapore
Masjid Sultan Mosque

Our next stop was Kampong Glam. If you download google maps, it has a Kampong Glam walking tour. It tells you where to go and where the picture-worthy places are. Cool. We went to see the Arab street where the famous Masjid Sultan Mosque is located. Kampong Glam is like the cultural mecca of Singapore. This is where you will see Haji lane and Bali lane. 

Haji Lane Singapore

Haji Lane Singapore

Haji Lane Singapore

What I liked about this area is its colorful surroundings. There are art/boutique shops and cool cafes around Haji lane. There are also nice pubs for when you just want an afternoon chill. I think you should really visit this if you're into some chill vibes and and into colorful sights. This one is better than Tiong Bahru for me. :)

Haji Lane Singapore

Haji Lane Singapore

Kampong Glam Singapore

Haji Lane

After taking photos at almost all corners of the place, we went to Bugis to finally rest at Starbucks and you know, girly chikahan. :) We will have a dinner with Nadine's aunt so this is where we kill time.  After having dinner, we went to the hostel and call it a day. 

Again, super tiring but fun day. :) I enjoyed Haji Lane. If you're visiting SG, do not forget to visit Haji Lane! haha. 

Haji Lane Singapore
Cheers! xx

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