Siem Reap: Face to Face with Angkor Wat

by - March 01, 2019

Looking and marveling the beauty of Angkor Wat

Our day 2 had us waking up very early in the morning. We woke up like 4AM so we can catch the sunrise over Angkor Wat. Based on my research, it is one of the most anticipated events for tourists who want to see Angkor Wat. And if you're visiting Siem Reap, you haven't really visited Angkor Wat if you didn't visit it's UNESCO world heritage site, Angkor Wat. This temple is so famous Khmer people included this in their flag. Have you noticed? Yup, that's how proud they are because temple symbolizes a win from Siam.

Oh if I haven't written this in my past blog posts, Wat means "Temple". So if you notice when you visit Thailand, temple names include "Wat" like "Wat Arun", in Luang Prabang, an example would be "Wat Mahathat". Also, one thing I learned from visiting so many temples (that I feel like I've seen more temples than churches, more Buddhas than the statue of Christ) is that temples are different from pagodas and stupa. Wait for my Myanmar blog post!!! 

Facade of Angkor Wat in Sunrise
The beautiful sunrise in Angkor Wat

Turista shot in front of Angkor wat

So there, we waited and took as many photos of the beautiful Angkor Wat right before our eyes. Some people even brought their own picnic blankets so they can sit while waiting for the perfect timing to take photos. 

After marveling the beauty, we decided not to enter the temple during that time because most people would definitely flock inside and we don't want to be with the crowd. Instead, we decided to visit other temples that are within the vicinity. And again, if you're visiting a country so abundant in temples, it could get tiring at times, you just really need to plan and go to the most beautiful ones.

One temple we visited that I liked was the Bayon Temple.  

Ruins of Bayon Temple

Tourists visiting Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple

If you would notice, Bayon Temple has towers that have faces, of which is believed to look like Jayavarman VII. It is said to have 216 smiling faces inside, and not just normal faces, but GIANT smiling faces. I am not really sure about what these faces represents or why it was built but nonetheless, a visit in this temple would also leave you smiling because of its amazing structure. 

Bayon Temple Photo

Exploring the ruins of Bayon Temple

One of the towers of Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple - Siem Reap Cambodia

Front view of Bayon Temple

Monkeys outside Bayon Temple

Right after lunchtime, we decided to go back and visit Angkor Wat. We are already dead tired but we cannot miss the opportunity to see what's inside! Also, the weather is just scorching hot! Super haggard, sweat everywhere.  

We were accompanied by some tour guide who toured us inside the temple. It was sooo big and it was made to have many levels. The higher level you are, it means you are closer to the Gods they believe in. Also, the stairs are very steep so not everyone can climb up. Angkor Wat is actually one of the biggest temples I've been to. I think an hour is not enough.  

We also got to experience being blessed by a monk, and a young one for that matter. 

Group photo outside Angkor Wat

The view from Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor wat

Ton having her turista shot in front of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia

More group photo

Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia

Inside Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat

Monk blessing us inside Angkor Wat

These photos don't even give justice to this archaeological site. And while photos of Angkor Wat is scattered all over the world wide web, seeing it up close is still a very good experience. 

After marveling the beauty of Angkor Wat, we sit at a stall outside and ordered shakes to freshen up.  

This is our last full day in this country so come afternoon, we took the time to buy some souvenirs. As for pasalubong, if this isn't your last stop, then just buy your pasalubong from other places, in our case, in Bangkok. There aren't any good souvenirs to buy for your loved buys except maybe the usual key chain and ref magnet.  

Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia

We also tried some street food on our last night. It was waaaay cheaper and yummy too. I cannot think of anything distinct about Khmer food though. It is relatively the same with Thai food so I really do not know.  

And that's it. That's the summary of our visit to Siem Reap. Just by writing this makes me miss traveling so much more now. Anyway, if you haven't checked out our day one, here is the link:  SIEM REAP: REAL LIFE TEMPLE RUN

Up next is our border crossing to Thailand and our visit to Bangkok. :) 
Face to Face with 7th Wonder of the World, Angkor Wat

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