Universal Studios Singapore

by - April 07, 2018

Universal Studios Singapore

Last blog post on our Singapore getaway last January. And yes, it took me 2 months to complete the blog posts. =))) Our last day before we depart for Manila is spent on the famous USS. We also planned on going to Singapore Flyer but unfortunately, it was closed and we weren't notified. Take note that we already bought our tickets from Klook.

Universal Studios Singapore isn't that big. I mean if you really put your head into it, you can see, roam, and even ride everything in a day. We're also lucky that it didn't rain on our visit! If you will compare it to Disneyland (HK Disneyland at least), more of the rides are intended for adults. Well, there are rides for kids but if you're looking for that adrenaline heart-stopping rides, then you came into the right place!

We started our day with the usual. Breakfast at the hostel - which is the same every day (toast, cereals, pancakes which are limited only, and fruits). haha! Not complaining though, at least we got free breakfast. Rode the usual MRT and alighted at Harbourfront. Universal Studios is actually on the premises of Resorts World Sentosa. Universal Studios is just one of the many stuff you can do on Sentosa island. If we just have more time on our hands, we will also roam around Sentosa island. 

The entrance was a breeze. Having your tickets purchased before your trip is really a good practice. As for us, as usual, we booked our tickets via Klook. We got the Singapore flyer + USS ticket which is discounted compared to when you buy those tickets separately. We skipped the queue and went inside without hassle! And guess what? We managed to see Gru from Minions walking and have our photos taken with him! Yay! 

Universal Studios Singapore - Gru from Minions and Despicable Me
Fangirling moment w/ Gru =) 

Elmo's TV Time - Universal Studios Singapore

And then the whole USS experience begins. It's a best practice to plan your visit. Maps are always scattered around amusement parks so better get one and plan on how you will see the attractions within the time you have. As for us, we managed to almost see everything! Meet and greets with characters, rode different rides, and watched different shows all throughout the day! 

If you're the type who's looking for intense rides, I suggest you try TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. It's one of my favorites!! And if you're into roller coasters, there are many ones you can try. Try the Mummy too! It's an indoor roller coaster and the inside is actually pitch black! It's like a normal one but will never know when it will go up or drop! Prepare your brave hearts. Lol.

As for food, there are a lot of restaurants around. But as usual, prices are way higher.

Minions! - Universal Studios Singapore

The entrance - Universal Studios Singapore

A decent pic with Gru! Lol - Universal Studios Singapore

Madagascar - Universal Studios Singapore

Shrek's Castle - Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Mel's Drive In - Universal Studios Singapore
The burger is actually dry. 

Minions - Universal Studios Singapore
There are a lot of people waiting in line to take a picture with the Minions so this is like pose then go. No time to think what pose. lol.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Also, just like Disneyland, USS also has a parade every afternoons which showcases different shows. This, I think is at par with Disneyland. I'm kids and kids at heart enjoyed the parade.

Parade - Universal Studios Singapore

Parade - Universal Studios Singapore

Parade - Universal Studios Singapore

Parade - Universal Studios Singapore

Parade - Universal Studios Singapore
Mandatory picture with famous globe =))) 

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Elmo - Universal Studios Singapore
 One of my fave characters when I was a kid. I really love Sesame Street back then.  

Universal Studios Singapore

Overall, the experience was fun! It is definitely a must visit when you're in Singapore. My tita told me though that USS is nothing against USJ! The entrance alone in USJ is enough to make you go wow. I'm excited to experience it soon. :)

Before I forget, there's also a fireworks display before the closing! But it's a mehhhh. It's nothing compared to Disneyland and UST. =))))

To avoid the crowd going home, we went out before the fireworks ended. We headed straight to Singapore Flyer but again, to our dismay, it was close. It feels like the whole area of Marina Bay Sands/Gardens by the Bay doesn't like us! First, it rained on our visit to gardens by the bay.. then when we came back same day at nighttime, it was closed. Merlion statue was also down for maintenance/renovation. And now this? Lol. 

No worries about the ticket though as we got a refund from Klook. 

And that's it. That's how we ended our Singapore getaway. The next day, we decided to come early to the airport to you know, see what the world's best airport has to offer. And girl... it did not disappoint! I can lounge all day. their terminal 4 is relatively new so it is the best one. Good food choices too!!! <3 

So there... I didn't actually think I'd visit Singapore the soonest but this experience actually opened my eyes and I saw how different our country from theirs. I mean Singapore is just small but look at how they managed to be a first world country. Best passport holders. Singapore is the best image of my frustration about the Philippines. Disciplined people, good transport infrastructure. 

In terms of skilled workers, I think we are not behind... But look at how different the salary range is! For the same skills, they are getting paid way higher than ours! I know they also consider the cost of living but setting that aside, they are still being paid very good for the same skills we have.

Sad but it's true. A little side story.. a week after, I went back to SG for a day trip. Yup, day trip. Arrived in the morning then went back to Manila that same night. There's this event I attended and all my realizations are just being validated again. I will not go into detail but the school you graduated from is still one of the factors most multinational companies look into. I had an encounter with a NUS graduate and I saw how companies fought for her. LOL! 

And although most companies will tell you it won't matter where you graduate, they will certainly favor those graduates of the leading universities. Won't mentioning school names but you get the point. There's still a discrimation on the international level. 


If you guys are wondering where we stayed.. we stayed at 7 Wonders Hostel around Little India. It's a capsule hostel, perfect for the budgets travelers that we are. No Klook account yet? Sign up through this link and get P165.7 credits that you can use to book activities! Also, if you want a sample itinerary, drop me an email so I can send it to you. :)

I'm 6/10 to my SEA bucketlist! Until my next travel! <3

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