SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World and Khao San Road

by - August 26, 2017

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

Our official last touring day in our backpacking journey! So our last stop? Bangkok! We're allotting 1 full day for Bangkok as we don't need much time to see this city as we've already seen Bangkok's beauty on our last backpacking journey before this one. 

You see, Thailand is beautifully placed in the middle of everything that's why when you see people backpacking in Southeast Asia, Thailand is always on the list. You will not run out of things to do and buses to its neighboring countries are easily accessible.

Aside from its rich culture, who can resist the street food and the night markets? This is like a country where you can splurge but won't totally go broke as there's a lot of options be it with accommodation and food. There's just everything for everyone.

As per my last post, we went to Bangkok from Vientiane through Udon Thani (where I saw another Robinson's Mall. Hihi). We had dinner first in Udon Thani then we took the overnight bus going to Bangkok. We arrived at Mo Chit bus station at around 6 am. This bus station makes me reminisce our Thailand backpacking in 2015 as this is where we took the bus going to Tak going to Mae Sot. 

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

It was early in the morning and our first agenda was to look for a cheap backpacker hostel in Khao San Road. As they say, Khao San Road is the place where backpackers usually hang out. It is like the mecca of backpackers in Bangkok. There's a lot of restaurants, bars, and stores in this street and come night time, you won't run out of night life ideas. You can say that this street becomes a party place every night. Karaokes, bars, massages, street foods.. name it, they have it. 

We stayed in a cheap backpacker inn for 400baht per night. Not bad though as we're only staying for one night before we go to Suvarnabhumi airport early in the morning the next day. It doesn't have an AC, only fan but it's not really that hot and we're out throughout the day. We just need a place to stay for the night. Receptionists also ask you to look at the room first before checking in so you would know right then and there what you're getting. We went through I think 3 hostels before we settled for the last one.

After getting some rest and cleaning up, our agenda is to go to Siam Paragon and see SEA Life Bangkok. I know this is for kids but what do you want us to do? We already went to see Grand Palace and Bangkok National Museum on our last visit.

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

Actually, the whole SEA Life experience is fun! Totally different from what we have here in Manila. There are many attractions and some kids would even have the chance to feed fishes. There are also different shows throughout the day. And if you're getting hungry with all that walking, they also do have a mini cafe inside but of course, the price is quite expensive.

My real agenda was actually to go inside Madame Tussauds museum. I've been wanting to go inside Madame Tussauds since forever, no matter which country as long as I will be able to take a photo of T Swift's wax figure. Lol! And to no avail, still not successful. :( I already had a lot of chances to go inside this museum but still.. not successful. Sad. Though I'm pretty sure soon, I'm gonna get inside and take lots of photos.

I'm not gonna bombard you with lots of aquarium photos because it is much better to see it in person.. but here are some few snaps..

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World
The mini cafe inside Sea Life Bangkok

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World
Excuse my face :)

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World

Booking Sealife Bangkok Tickets

If you're wondering where we got our tickets... I booked it through Klook on the day of our visit. Yup, on the day! We're like outside the ticket area when I was booking it online. Not only I was able to get a huge discount, we also got to skip the long line!

Tickets come in 3 variants... First is the Aquarium entry only ticket where you will be able to experience SEA LIFE Bangkok full time, another one is the Aquarium + 4D Movie + Glass-Bottom Boat. I don't know what's shown in the 4D movie but the glass-bottom boat, on the other hand, is just like a normal boat where the surface is made of glass. That way, you would see the creatures below you clearly. And last but not the least is the Aquarium + Madame Tussauds Admission ticket. 

Wished we got the last one! Maybe when we come back to Bangkok or HK. Definitely one day! haha.
Link to Klook's SEA Life Bangkok ticket: SEA Life Bangkok

If you don't have an account yet, you sign up through this link and get P160.90 off on your first adventure! :)

After marveling the different underwater creatures, we opt to do some window shopping and had some siesta time.

Starbucks Tumblers in Thailand
I will visit you Phuket, just you wait. :D

Mcdonald's Thailand
Father and Thai's version of Mcdonald's. Sawadee ka! 

After some time, we went back to Khao San Road only to find the street jam packed with different vendors and parties ongoing in almost every my eye can see. 

We ate dinner then we retire for the night and fixed our stuff.

What can you see in Khao San Road you ask? A lot!! Just look at the pictures below.

Khao San Road - Thai Massage
Thai massage everywhere

Khao San Road - Pubs and Restaurants
Restaurants and pubs everywhere

Khao San Road - Street View
Streetview of Khao San Road

Khao San Road - Thai souvenirs

Khao San Road - Thai streetfood
Of course street food is never a question in Thailand :)

Khao San Road
Scorpion and some unknown fried creatures. As you can see, this is the closest picture I can get as they charge 10 baht for every picture taken of the weird friend creatures. Lol

Khao San Road

Khao San Road - coconut ice cream
And do not forget the famous coconut ice cream :)

Actually, there are a lot more you can see on Khao San Road. These are just some of the photos I took. And if you're a traveler by heart, I am pretty sure you will want to visit Bangkok. 

The next day.. our goal was to go early to the airport because there's like a lot of stuff to do in the airport and we haven't eaten breakfast yet. But on the contrary, we were just like on time for boarding. Even our breakfast was just a takeaway from Burger King. There's a lot of good restos in the airport pa naman.. but anyways.. that ends our backpacking trip.

This backpacking journey is definitely one for the books. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone. You think being a backpacker is easy? Say that after trying it. :)

I am looking forward to crossing my Southeast Asia list by 2019 so come 2020. I'll start traveling the other parts of the world. hihi.

I sure had fun on this trip and totally learned a lot! I am hoping to visit Cambodia and Myanmar next. Wish me luck. :) 

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To more adventures! <3

Cheers! xx

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  1. I have never been to Thailand and I never thought much about Bangkok but your post showed me different. Sea Life looks great, especially that underwater tunnel. It must have been amazing to see the fish swimming above you. The nightlife in the city looks amazing! I love Asian food markets!

  2. I really enjoyed Khao San road in Bangkok. It's so lively and a lot of things going on. We went to the Aquarium too but we didn't get to try the glass bottom boat. I agree though that the aquarium was really interesting.

  3. I love going to Thailand! I spent a lot of time going around and shopping in Bangkok before. :) I remember a time when I had a few clothes only with me inside my big luggage. My goal was to fill it up when I shop in Bangkok! hahaha And I did fill it up on my way home. :)

  4. The people, the place, the food. Sea Life in Bangkok is a treat to the eyes. With your photos, I'm sure a lot of people are interested in visiting that place. Guilty here. This is something you don't wanna missed out trying.

  5. Ihihi. Cute tandem photo with McDonald's. Bangkok is also one of the places that i love touring. Because I could see many cultures and the food and activities within Bangkok arent boring. A day's visit for me would be bitin but then as you've mentioned, you've been to the place na pala.

  6. What a wise decision to visit this place! It is good to succumb to childhood cravings. I am yet to see a wax museum... hopefully I get to see one soon. And that coconut ice cream tempts me. :)

  7. The food from the stalls is perhaps the most interesting thing one can experience when visiting foreign countries. I would love to try the food in Bangkok. And as for the backpacker community where all the backpackers hang out, I am thrilled with it. I suppose every great metropolis has such an area, where accommodation, food and everything else is for low budget travelers. But I bet you had a lot of fun while visiting kids' areas and other amusing locations in the city :) :)

  8. Backpacking is such a great adventure! Tbh, I've never really done it but I would love too. People like you inspire me to strive and really tick this off in the bucket list. One photo made me remember Japan. Not that I've been there but the place seems so similar to the one in Japan. Anyway, that massage place looks so relaxing and rejuvenating!

  9. I had the chance the experience the busy Khao San Road too, walked to different streets in the area as well until I get to the riverd, I agree, Khao san has it all for travelers, oh! it was my first time trying their bucket ice tea but I mixed it with some cocktails, it was a different night life experience.

  10. The sleeping Buddha! How many times have I seen Buddha in this pose in so many settings! I have been to Thailand only once and that too in 2008.It is a great place with so many places to explore. Multiple layers. How many PhpS are 330 bahts?

  11. Awesome adventure! Ive been wanting to go for so long now. I'm waiting on cheap tickets hehe. Did you fly directly to Thailand?

    Added a few more things to do in Thailand after reading this. So excited!


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