Call it Magic, Call it True: Coldplay Manila Experience ♥

by - April 09, 2017

Coldplay Manila

Okay, first of all, omgggg it was an amazinggggg~ night. Coldplay was super awesome! Nope, that's an understatement. Whatever is the most super duper superlative for awesome, great, and superb, that is the best description.

When did my love for Coldplay materialize? I was actually not a fan back then. I know their songs, the ones that are very famous like Yellow, Fix You, and The Scientist. But little did I know that behind those famous songs, there are much more that's not so mainstream. 

I guess this is where it all started. I was in college. I have a habit back then that when I do assignments or do documentations for thesis/SAD/SE, I will not open my facebook and other social media so I can focus. And this is thesis we're talking about so obviously it's an all nighter. Spotify wasn't the thing back then. So while browsing some folders, I accidentally saw a Coldplay album tucked away. This laptop I was using was an old laptop of my father so maybe he was the one who downloaded it? 

I can't remember the name of the album or if it was indeed an album or just a bunch of Coldplay songs from different albums put in a single folder.  Of course, their Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams album is not released yet so this is a bunch of sad songs with occasional upbeat ones. 

I was so intrigued. What makes people love Coldplay? I don't know back then if they are as popular as now but if you would ask me, I would say most of my friends is not a super fan. Just so-so. So there came lots of all nighters. And yup, that folder/playlist I accidentally saw was my partner in making all those documentations and for making me up all night. (I'm not a coffee person) And basically, it helped me finish what needs to be done. 

Every single night, I sang and hum to their songs to get awake. Even if I don't memorize the song, the beat alone is so relaxing. So yeah, years after. Coldplay was already on my radar. I'm not a super fan but I am already a fan. That if you ask me to name n number of Coldplay songs, I can answer you. 

And this is until their recent album was released!! Omg. Dropping singles like it's everyone's business. I guess this is where my love for Coldplay grew much stronger. A Head Full of Dreams is the perfect playlist for weekenders. And much to everyone's excitement, finally they are coming here in Manila!!!

Coldplay Manila

And I knew I just had to watch it live. I also know that ticket prices are insane because hello, it is Coldplay. And as much as I want to be in the VIP section, we commoners are left in the back lines. But no, no regrets at all! Chris Martin doesn't forget the back. He knows we can't see the band but we are still part of the party. 

From the roller coaster ride of getting the golden ticket to waiting up in line to waiting for the band to come onstage and perform to actually hearing them live!!! Many would say, you won't see anything in the bronze area! I definitely know that but it's better than nothing at all! 

And for those that are curious on how I got tickets, I was able to buy the second time SM tickets released tickets. I was also surprised that there are still tickets available as I forgot that they are selling again on that day so I probably was able to buy at around 10 AM and I didn't expect to see tickets still on sale. Also, a week before the concert, Gold, Platinum, and VIP tix are still available. If I didn't score a bronze tix, we're probably stuck in the GA area as my boyfriend got GA tix but he sells it the moment I bought bronze tix. So there. :D 

Coldplay Manila                    Coldplay Manila           
The Xylobands that lit up and dance with the songs. We didn't experience the balloons and the confetti but I don't mind. Coldplay still gives me one heck of a night that's one for the books.
I only went to two concerts with international performers. Taylor Swift and Coldplay. And if you know me personally, you know that I'm a true blood swifty. And just like every concert goers, just every after performances, we came to love them even more. 

I'm expecting this concert hangover to last like a week or so. My playlist for the next coming weeks will probably be Coldplay.

Coldplay Manila

Coldplay Manila

I'm repeating this again, Yup, the view from the back is totally shitty but the experience to dancing along, singing along to the band is a whole new level! Especially if you're singing it with other fans too! It sucks when Manila doesn't have a stadium. 😭 When they come back, I'll definitely get a VIP or platinum pass. 

And can I just say that I'm glad this is their first visit? Yeah, I'm sometimes selfish like that. But the thing is, if they held a concert here in past years, I probably wouldn't be able to attend. I'm just a student. Apparently, I won't be able to buy even a GA tix. My parents wouldn't spoil me like that. And yes, Chris Martin's statement is somehow true.. they now have lots of awesome songs to perform in the Manila crowd. Not that they don't have before but for me, their A Head Full of Dreams is a hell of an album. Hymn for the weekend is currently stuck in my head for God knows how long. Still, whatever reasons they have, it's definitely a night to remember. 💕

Coldplay Manila

Thanks Coldplay for a night to remember! And to those songs we can all relate to and sometimes can't understand the lyrics? Yeah, those are awesome!

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  1. So many people were psyched about the Coldplay concert. I like their songs as well. It looks like it was an amazing night. From the pictures I've seen it was a memorable night.


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