My 2016 in a Simple Blog Post

by - December 31, 2016

2016 is like a roller coaster ride, I know I know, it sounds cliche, but I couldn't describe it in any other way. This year is like a ticking time bomb because it felt like I need to live a fast paced life. It's not a negative thing though, it's just that a lot has happened that if I won't keep up, it felt like I will be left behind. It trained me to always be on the go. Well, if you do know me personally, this 2016, I am the person who can't be at home even just for a day. Even on my rest days, I am out and about. And it's actually fun because I've experienced a lot of first times and a lot of happy adventures. I met a lot of people, I ate my heart out, and somehow, I've managed to take care of my career. I cannot list all the things I am thankful for this 2016 because it would be a long boring post already.. rather, I just want to run through all the stuff that made my 2016 extra special. :) So here you go..

1. I made this blog January 2016 and I am happy to keep blogging even if sometimes I am a lazy ass blogger. Can you believe it? This blog is turning 1! Although I am not a well known blogger, it makes my heart happy knowing that somehow I made an impact, I've shared valuable information to some of my readers. I have documented all of my trips, some of it are not yet published but I'll try my best to do all the back logs. I haven't reached my target page view goal for this blog because I don't have any concrete plans on how to do it.. I just do the basics, so for this upcoming year, I'll make my goals clearer for this blog. :) 

2. First time hiking and climbing mountains. It was a ~fuuuuuuun~ experience. Though the mountains I climbed are still for beginners, I am still happy because I got to see the world in a different perspective. But if you would ask me between the beach and the mountains, my heart still belongs to beach. Nothing can make my heart feel warmer than the beach. This coming year, I'll try to hike more mountains. I have an anxiety with meeting new people so maybe, it will add to the challenge, but if it's for myself, I am up for it. Hello mountaineer friends! Sama niyo na ko next time. :D

3. A lot of first times in travelling. Like a lot of first times seeing new places! Local and international! All of which are documented on my blog. I've been to a lot of places this year but it felt like it's not enough! Feeding your wanderlust is definitely hard but at the same time worth it. All of it. All of the money that was supposed to be for that cup of coffee, all of the money that was supposed to be for buying new clothes.. it's all worth it because it became memories and experiences. I don't think I'll have it any other way. I might not bought a lot of materials stuff for myself but I am grateful for all the experiences and memories. It makes me the person I am now. It made me learn a lot of stuff about the locals. Plus, I love how I am sharpening my geography knowledge! Planning itineraries has made it possible. LOL! Knowing which cities are just beside each other, which countries can we go to by land, which countries are near to each other.. you know.. stuff like that. 

4. I met a lot of people! Nope, nope, not by the hundreds but being an introvert, something like less than a hundred is already a lot for me. I am the shy and awkward girl but it seems like life loves me because it still made know and talk to amazing people everywhere. I wish our life has a secret recorder so we can watch what we are doing from start to finish. 

5. And finally! I have a valuable work. Not that I didn't have before. It's just that this time, I know the value of what I'm doing. And in return, I can feel that we are being valued by the company. 

6. I am financially happy. And no, I am not rich.. I still have to make ends meet. I pay my bills, etc. It's just that I was able to save on what I am supposed to save while travelling. I'm not getting any money from my parents anymore, I am self sufficient already and if I don't work, I am accountable for myself. Well, this is already the scenarios when I got my first paycheck.. but this year, it felt like I am more financially okay. Invested some of my money, have an emergency fund, and I am being responsible for all of my purchases. If you're wondering on how I was able to save and travel, check this link.

7. I learned how it's okay not to please everyone. And that I am comfortable in my own space. So if someone doesn't like me and I am not doing anything wrong, I just let it go. 

8. 2016 has been all sorts of bullshit and love. It's awesome and it's frightening. 

I cannot thank God enough for all the blessings.. this year is quite tiring because of all the stuff I wanted to achieve. But looking back, I am happy to know that all I've been through this year has given me much more strength and knowledge. It was one heck of a ride but with my family and friends, it was bearable and fun. 

So here's to a new year, not new beginnings but continuation of what I have started, only better and with more positive energy. To more travels, to more friendship, and to living a positive life. 2016 is great but this is me hoping that 2017 will bring me more happiness in life. I don't know what 2017 will be like, what I do know is that we have the courage we got through 2016. We can never be prepared enough but this is us, starting and trying to make life better. :)

Happy new year everyone! May 2017 be more prosperous and blessed for your and your family. <3

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  1. I love this post of yours! I agree about you collecting more memories than materials things. I am an avid fan of going places as well. My family cannot understand me and does not support me financially when it comes to travels. I did not loathe them because of that. Instead, their attitude becomes a blessing in disguise. I become wiser in spending my money. I no longer impulsive buying. It is because I prioritize saving more than spending.


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