Canon EOS M3: Because Every Picture Tells a Story

Canon EOS M3

Hello! I just can't contain my happiness! Do you know the feeling when you want something so bad then you save for it and eventually bought it?? That's what I'm feeling right now!!


Now, don't tell I'm overreacting. This is something I've wanted ever since. And today, I just bought it with my hard earned money. Blood and sweat (I'm overreacting on this statement but you get the idea. Haha!). Okay, so to tell you the truth.. I'm hesitant to actually buy this because I'm thinking of just saving the money. You know, I feel guilty whenever I splurge on something like this because I'm not used to having and buying this kind of stuff. I always use my iPhone whenever I take photos. My phone's camera feels like overused already but I had no choice. My iPhone has been my battle gear whenever I travel, I eat, and you know.. basically everything I do, my iPhone's with me  (And I get compliments regarding the photos I take from time to time. Hihi). As we all know, iPhone has one of the most amazing phone cameras. Just a little bit of editing and it's already good to go. But then again, let's face it.. an SLR quality is still different. A tool that's built to be used for taking photos is still different from a tool that is built to text, to call, to multitask, and do a lot of other stuff. 

This isn't a camera review. I'm not in the position to do that but I'll run through the specs of the camera below. So yes, I'm just very happy because this is something I want for myself. I already have the opportunity to buy a camera even before but I am not the person who buys it just because I want it. I still weigh on things if I really need it or if I just can improvise. So one day, I thought to myself, I should already buy a camera. It's a must! I love to travel but I don't have the best equipment to go with me. And of course, I also want to produce good quality pictures here in my blog because this is my personal project. So might as well buy my own camera na. I don't want to sound like OA but if you see it that way, then let it be. Haha! Again, this doesn't happen to me like everyday you know. I'm not used to buying something big for myself so it's quite an achievement for me. I usually am very careful on how I handle my finances. Just ask my friends and they'll tell you how kuripot I am. Haha! 

So, on to the camera. I bought myself a Canon EOS M3 because of how compact it is. I also considered the price, of course! It should be cheap but the specs should be of par with the other high end cameras. So maybe I'm not yet good in the camera department because this is my first time but hopefully I didn't made the wrong choice. Someone tell me now if I made a wrong decision! Haha! This is like a millenial camera because you can take selfies and upload it right away. It's small you can carry it anywhere. Plus not mentioning the good quality photos you can get! I'm quite torn between Fujifilm X-A2 (because I love its pastel colors) and this one but after searching and comparing it, I found this one to be more useful and of high quality. It's a hard decision too because Fujifilm right now has a promo wherein if you buy their X-A2, you also get to have a mini instax 7 worth 2999. So that's like buy one take one. 

Considering the price of this camera, I think it's already okay na din for me as a beginner. It's not like I'm a professional photographer. I just want something I can use whenever I travel and something to use for food shots. I can also use this to practice my skills. And I have a lot to learn! I just can't wait to practice and take different shots.

Just a little side story, me and my friend Ian went to Megamall today to purchase this camera in Canon but unfortunately, their store is under renovation just today! But thank the heavens Camera Haus saved the day. The price is the same and it's a legit reseller so why not? All's well that ends well. Hehe.

So what a better way to test the camera? Food shots! My favorite! Haha! But don't worry, we test shot it of course at the store before I bought it. We're just excited to use it so we went to test it out with food shots. Ian is an expert at food shots so I let him teach me the basics. You should follow him on Instagram @ianthebrave, he has one the best feeds out there. So clean and crisp. :) 

These are some of the shots we took. All have minor edits via VSCOcam. 

You can never go wrong with selfies! :p 

A photo posted by ℳaaya ℒegaspi (@ayawillgoplaces) on

A photo posted by ℳaaya ℒegaspi (@ayawillgoplaces) on

From Canon Philippines' website:

High Image Quality with Solid Basic Features
  • New 24.2-megapixel APS-C type CMOS Sensor with gapless microlens technology, inheriting high image quality from EOS Digital SLR Camera
  • DIGIC 6 Digital Image Processor with 14-bit image processing of fine detail and color reproduction
  • New “Hybrid CMOS AF III” System for high speed AF during Live View shooting or movie shooting to capture fast-moving subjects such as kids or pets. Comparing with “Hybrid CMOS AF”, AF speed at Live View shooting is approximately 6.1 times faster with “Hybrid CMOS AF III”
  • Wide range of ISO speed from 100 to 12800, expandable to ISO 25600
  • 4.2fps continuous shooting in full resolution for approximately 1,000 JPEG images
  • 3-inch 1.04M-dot vari-angle capacitive type touch LCD allows intuitive control
  • Built-in Flash for low-light shooting
High Quality EOS Movie
  • Supports 23.976p/25.0p/29.97p Full HD EOS Movie
  • Supports Movie Servo AF that enables face tracking or subject tracking by touching the LCD
  • Built-in stereo microphone and supports 3.5mm external stereo microphone input
High Expandability with Easy-to-Use Features
  • Compatible with EF-M Lenses and over 60 EF/ EF-S Lenses via Mount Adapter EF-EOS M
  • Hot-Shoe compatible with External Speedlite Flash and Electronic Viewfinder EVF-DC1
  • Newly added MF peaking function for precise manual focus shooting
  • Camera to smartphone connection via Wi-Fi/NFC and Canon “Camera Connect” Smartphone App allows remote Live View shooting and browse/rate/delete/transfer images and movies
  • Supports Wi-Fi wireless printing
  • New Creative Assist Mode for adjusting effects and sharing shooting settings with ease
  • Hybrid Auto mode, a fusion of movie digest and auto modes to capture amazing moments with ease
  • Scene Detection technology, maximum up to 29 different scenes and supporting movie shooting
  • 2 colors selections: Black or White

Canon EOS M3

Can you see how happy I am in the picture? Lol! But yeah.. I hope the camera motivates me to blog more often. Hehe. So if you're planning to buy a camera too, you might want to consider this. This is very handy if you're an instragrammer like me (ehem! @ayawillgoplaces! HAHA!) because it has a built in wifi so it's easier to transfer your photos from the cam to your phone. It's very compact. You can definitely bring this anywhere. Again, I'm not a camera geek so do your research too! What works for me might not work for you. Thanks again to Ian for accompanying me and suggesting this cam. For teaching me some of his tricks in food shots. Lol! 

For now, I will try to learn the basics and different settings. May the odds be ever in my favor. :D



  1. Congrats on your new purchase! The pictures you included look great! I am a huge fan of selfies. I am so behind in the camera world so I was really surprised/intrigued to see that this camera has wifi access. How cool!

  2. I like how small that camera is, looks perfect for traveling!

  3. Canons are the best in my opinion! OMG that bubble waffle thing...looks incredible

  4. Great camera you just bought yourself, how happy you look in the photos are a joy to watch. Enjoy your camera and blast alot of pictures. Heheheheh

  5. Great shots and I'm so happy for you! Something about a new camera that inspires the imagination!

  6. I think you made a good choice! Picture quality looks great, crispy and clear and now I'm hungry looking at your food pictures!!!

  7. Great pics! I recently bought my first DSLR camera and I love it!

  8. The camera looks amazing! I'm sure you've made a great decision

  9. Congrats on the new camera. It is such a cool feeling to take your own pics!

  10. I love looking at other people snaps and behind the scene photos! They tell you more than words sometimes :) Great post!

  11. Sweet post ! I have an EOS 5, it definitely makes a difference when you are a blogger who relies on good quality pictures. Enjoy it !

  12. Gorgeous shots and camera! I am saving for a new one myself!

  13. This really does take some great pics! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the photographer too! :-)

  14. I remember my first camera... and my first good camera! I should pull them out more. I am so quick to go to my iPhone camera!

  15. Great pics! Just started an online photography class and everyone uses Canon I think I need to bite the bullet and buy one:)

  16. I have a canon rebel and just love it! Awesome cameras. I remember when I got it, took so so many pictures. Still do actually :-). Enjoy!

  17. The good thing about the Canon EOS M3 is that(i believe so) you can use EOS compatible basically.. you have a small camera that can use DSLR lenses!

    I suggest you buy what they call "Nifty Fifty". It's an f1.8 50mm Prime Lens(the technical term) which is good for low light photos(and videos) and also good for taking portraits..

    A lot can be done with the Prime lenses.. so it's not a bad investment(it's also small and compact so you can bring it in your travels :)

  18. How awesome to get your first camera :) Clearly it wasn't tough to learn as you have some great photos so far!

  19. Congratulations on cashing in on that hard earned money, darling! The camera looks amazing and all I can say is the best way to test it out is to snap away! Take pictures of everyone and everything! :)

    Sondra Barker

  20. Great photos! Every picture is a memory. ��

  21. When I used a DSLR I always went with Nikon. I have a mirrorless camera too, but it is a Sony.

  22. I love how excited you are! What a great camera.

  23. I have a DSLR Nikon but I lucked into the one I have. It just happened to be a camera my dad was not using, so I've basically been using it for myself. But I do love having a nice camera for my blog!


  24. I have an iPhone too! But have been looking for a digital camera. Will check out the Canon EOS M3!

  25. That's a nice camera, it takes great pictures. I have Nikon professional and it's mostly in the closet because we don't know how to use it. Thank you for reminding me to get more into photo research.

  26. We are thinking of buying a new camera so this was great.

  27. Congrats dear! I'm also planning to buy a camera not the DSLR type since it is too bulky to carry around. I want something compact and light. How much is it btw?

    Mhaan |

  28. Congrats on the camera! I've used Canon back in high school and it's was great and portable. It was a digicam. Now, I have my DSLR but it's Nikon. Some of my friends use Canon, I tried once but it has a different orientation than the Nikon. Enjoy capturing precious moments!

  29. Congratulations on your first ever 'legit' camera! That's a mirrorless cam right? I've always wanted one becase, no matter how much i love lugging my heavy slr on travels, it's a bit bothersome to bring around the streets of manila in commute. ANd some days, I really just don't want to bring heavy stuff. hehehe.. :D Enjoy capturing new moments :D

  30. How's the camera performance so far? Does it capture great video as well?

    1. It's great! and yes, it captures HD videos as well. :) Good value for money, if you would ask me. :)


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