The Inconvenience of Having a Poor Eyesight

by - July 17, 2016

Sunnies Specs

Growing up as someone with poor eyesight, it was really hard to sometimes do things because we're bound to wear eyeglasses all time. But I have a confession to make, when I was younger and my vision was still 20-20, I wished that my eyes will become blurry so I can wear eyeglasses. But boy, if I had known back then how hard it is, I wouldn't wish for this. I forgot the fact that I can still wear eyeglasses without me having to suffer for poor eyesight. 

It's no secret that I love the beach and summer. It's the time of the year that I travel most often.. and one essential during summer is shades, or sunnies to sound modern. And with this condition, it's either I wear contact lenses or no sunnies at all. Contact lenses are of great help especially whenever I have to attend a formal gathering or if you know, I just feel like wearing sunnies while going to work or travelling. But let's face it, to wear contact lenses is such high maintenance for me. I won't be ever getting used to wearing one without a mirror in front of me. Removing it though is another story because it's a lot easier and I don't need a mirror to do it. You also need to clean it before and after wearing. And for me, having a busy schedule and being sleepy all the time, I would just use the time to sleep instead of going through the long process of wearing a contact lenses pair. But this is just me, others might find it easy. 

I'm thankful though that people with poor eyesight doesn't get bullied. I just have to accept the fact that my eyes won't be back to its original 20-20 state again unless I undergo LASIK surgery. Which by the way is not cheap. Last time I searched it's roughly around 50-100k, depending on the process. I'm actually planning to save for it but I believe it would still be on the end of my priorities because I have a lot of stuff to save for. 

And believe me, I tried eating carrots, and lots of squash already but it's not helping at all. Maybe it's genes because both my parents have poor eyesight too. But really, how do you see the world in a 20-20 vision and without having to wear eyeglasses? Does it feel like HD? haha lol.
I now know the importance of good eyesight, and our eyes in particular.. without it, to travel is meaningless. I believe our eyes are one of the most important tool because without this, the world is just mere space. And so I salute all blind people but still coping up with life. Their courage are truly remarkable. 

My work requires to me sit in front of a computer 8 hrs a day, then there's this smart phone that also requires us to look at the screen when using. I get my eyes checked when I bought a new pair of eyeglasses last week and it turns out my grade went one notch higher for my right eye. And I don't have any plans on making it any higher anymore so I will really take care of it now. I usually take my eyes for granted especially when in front of computers. I tend to be so close in the screen. From now on, I will try to lessen the activities that can damage my eyes. Hopefully, one day I can undergo LASIK surgery na so I would know how it feels to see the world in a clear view. :)

Sunnies Specs

Of course another thing about eyeglasses and having poor eyesight is to compromise your personal style. It's not really a problem with me because I used to wear an eyeglasses with black frame. But now that Sunnies Specs just opened, since I'm already using my old glasses for almost 4 years and it has a lot of scratched na din, I took the opportunity to get a new pair at their UP Town Center branch. 

I personally think the price is cheap compared to the actual frame and lenses used. For 2000 pesos, you already have a stylish frame of your choice and lenses for the glasses. And mind you, they have a wide range of frames to choose from so when I was choosing mine, I really took a lot of time to decide which one to get. HAHA! In the end, I chose their Finn frame in the color of amber. I told myself before that I will not get a black frame so there. I was torn between the transparent one, the grey one, and this color. I actually don't know if it looks good on me but I liked it anyway. HAHA!

Sunnies specs also has other lenses to choose from. I wanted to have the one that suits for those people working in front of the computer most of time. But when I looked through the lens, it's a bit yellowish so I just stick with the normal one. Also, if your grade is higher than 600, I think there's an additional fee. Lucky me, as of this writing.. my left eye's grade is 250 then my right eye is 350 (which was 325 before). 

Thank God for all these stylish frames, wearing eyeglasses seems to be a little less boring but there's still the fact I need to protect my eyes from all sorts of things that can damage it. Until my LASIK surgery, tiis tiis muna. hehe. 

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