Gringo is now open in Greenhills!

Gringo's Greenhills

I'm pretty sure by now you already see many Gringo restaurants popping out from your favorite hang out spot. I'm also sure you are somehow intrigued and tempted to try this new Mexican food spot in the metro. 

If you are not yet aware (where are you living btw?), Gringo is your new fave Mexican dinner to late night hang out spot with your friends and family. They serve a wide variety of choices that I'm sure people of all ages will like. 

My first encounter with Gringo is after a Sunday run in UPD and we're looking for a dinner place to replenish the calories we just burned (LOL). So we tried the branch in UP Town Center. First impression? The outside has a big wooden door wherein after the crew opened it, it felt like we are entering a different dimension. There's that added effect. I also thought it was like Peri Peri especially with the chicken but, to be honest, I liked Gringo's chicken way, way better!

The inside has a comfortable rustic interior. I actually like the plant idea on the ceiling. The interior actually has a homey dinner vibe, especially with the cushioned couches. 

During my first visit, since I am into spicy food these past days, we tried their Southern Spice Chicken. What I also liked is that they have wide choices of sides!!! They even have healthy sides which I really liked because for people like me who are "trying" to watch what they eat, having these kinds of choices are plus points! 

We tried their roasted squash and roasted eggplant. We're "trying" to cut off carbs so I think it's the best choice. Roasted squash is cut into cubes with a dash of seasoning. I liked what it tastes like but I believe it could be better if it's a little bit softer. Roasted Eggplant, on the other hand, is mashed to perfection. I think they added a bit of tomato sauce. I was also able to try their okra side just this weekend and it is cooked just right! My father and I really liked how it was cooked.
To complete the meal, we also ordered a bottle of beer each to cap of the weekend. 

So fast forward to last week! Gringo is finally open in Greenhills and we got invited to sample some of their best sellers! 

Their Greenhills branch is waayyy bigger! The interiors are the same to all branches I think so it also has a comfortable dinner vibe. This place is actually perfect for catching up dinner with your tita friends or family. Also, a good place to celebrate a milestone. 

Inside Gringo's Greenhills

Gringo's Greenhills

Gringo's Greenhills

Gringo's Greenhills

This time, aside from the chicken, we also got to sample many of their best sellers! YUM! And I know people who are eating with me will agree, everything we ate during that night tasted so so good. Walang tapon! HAHA. 

Nacho Grande - Gringos
Nacho Grande P265. Super sulit if you will ask me. Big serving!

Gringo Baby Back Ribs
Half Rack Gringo Baby Back Ribs w/ 2 side (P365)

Crispy pork belly w/ mango salsa - Gringo
Crispy Pork Belly w/ Mango Salsa P265. I liked this so much. Pork belly with a twist!

Buffalo Chicken Baked Taquitos - Gringos
Buffalo Chicken Baked Taquitos P265

Gringos Greenhills

Gringo Original Chicken
Whole Gringo Original Chicken w/ 3 sides P648.

And did I say they also have a wide selection of beer? International and local. ;) Since Gringo is open until 2AM (at least in this branch), you can also come here for late night chikahan whether with your margarita or choice of beer.

Gringos Greenhills
Still not yet convinced this is your next fave hangout spot? Why not try the closest Gringo to your place and
see for yourself! Good food, good place, affordable price.

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